Archive Month: March 2016

My ex has remarried and wants to move to another state.Her boyfriend moved to Idaho from Wy.

They lived together for 8 to 9 months.He was gainfully employeed in Idaho.They got Married and now she want to move to Wy. where he is from.He has already moved and she has stayed here in Idaho.

Please tell me she can not move.I am looking for any one who has gone through this and can help me.

My ex tried to move to MN last year but according to our divorce decree she can’t move out of a 100 mile radius without written consent from me or the courts. She has to prove to the courts that the move is in the best interest of the child to a financially stable environment. If she is taking a pay cut by moving and would raise your child support or the move would prevent your relationship with your child to develop then the courts will side with you.

Check to see what your decree and/or state guidelines have to say.

Good Luck!