Archive Month: May 2016

So when are WE going to really do something and act together to fight THAT Society which feeds upon our children and families? The Laws we consider vary from state to state; and each county Enforces the laws differently; and so it means little to ALL of us if any one group succeeds–or fails. Even the presidency does not matter for us, as I see it, because the political juggernaut of bureaucracy is a waste of valuable time which we cannot afford. We cannot fight every law in every state which is unfair–because there are simply too many! We only fool ourselves if we think we have ever succeeded greatly thus far. I only see things getting worse! And furthermore,VOTING IS ONLY A FEEBLE WISH FOR THE RIGHT TO PREVAIL!!!

So what I am wondering is who among us has an idea how we can act together to show a nationwide unity for our common cause? Before any laws are going to be changed significantly, appropriately, and properly, all of the many groups, clubs, and organizations will have to unite under one banner. They will have to somehow form a COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE, as it were, and agree with general concepts to create and craft an common opinion for us all to sign and Declare ourselves a part of!!!

If we do not hang together, we shall surely each hang separately: It is true! Offering each other advice to seek attorneys and other counseling surely becomes a necessary and noble service for Humanity. However, until enough of us join together and make our empty sack stand upright, we will continue to be called pansies, patsies, pushovers, wimps, and deadbeats!!!

Are the readers only “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots?” Patrons of virtue who do nothing? Tell me, who is a true patriot among us, and is willing to act for the good of us all??? In Photos, you can see “my propaganda machine” with my picture, and heed my broken snake NCP banner which says JOIN, or DIE!