Are we to be nothing but support groups for one another

You comment derisively that “are we to be nothing but support groups for one another” and yet, you use this forum as your own form of therapy……you’re also obviously looking for support of one type or another and chatting on message boards is an inexpensive therapy for many people.

You’re wanting to reform the system – when the very simple answer is for people to stop having children. It’s that simple. And yet that difficult.

If humans were fair and honest, think about it…there would be no need for laws or systems at all.

But humans are humans.

Despite the religions they immerse themselves in, they don’t follow the dictates of their beliefs. They harm one another in so many ways….that there’s no alternative but to create a system to handle the misconduct….it’s inevitable and unavoidable….

You’re late – there’s no laws that say you have to stop at a four way intersection – but there’s an unwritten law that says everyone stops, looks and then proceeds…..but you’re late….so you run the corner and strike another car….killing people……there has to be a system…and it’s only as complex as we force it to become.

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