Category : Legal advice

legal adviceAt the outset, I’m going to admit that I haven’t a clue what this gentleman’s solution is.

It sounds a little bit like spam to me – especially as his identity reveals so little about him.

However, I view with extreme suspicion any “legal” advice that is not given by an attorney.

Lawyers are expensive but there are some good reasons why you should use one:

  1. especially in smaller communities, knowledge of prevailing local legal trends (as in which way is the judge likely to go) counts for as much, if not more, than the status of the law.
  2. knowledge of the credibility and reputation of the attorney representing your soon-to-be-ex spouse can be critical to determining how much pain you may suffer during the divorce.
  3. lawyers are covered by malpractice insurance for errors they make in giving legal advice and many lawyers routinely have minimum limits of $1 million.
  4. questions asked of an attorney for the purpose of seeking legal advice are covered by the attorney-client privilege of confidentiality.