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First, let me thank you for saying you like my idea. It gives me hope. And if you are asking how you can help, even though your payments are garnished by the courts, well then, that gives me hope also! At this time, it would please greatly me to answer such a Reasonable question. Last week, you see, I had battled some members in another club, having to remind them: “The FORUM in which you are speaking is supposed to be for persons who want to change the System, not for those who wish to scorn men.” It seems there is currently an invasion of these arrogant and vengeful persons which has spread throughout all the most wholesome and well-meaning groups and clubs–AND NO ONE WILL STAND UP TO FIGHT!!! In an environmentalist club I belong to (also last week), I confounded the members of the [entire] group of them by agreeing that Gore was best for the environment; and I confronted them then with the fact that their Gore/Lieberman ticket also has the most notorious record for man’s inhumanities towards man–and non custodial parents! I caused it to become a matter of “environmentalism vs. humanism”–and believe I was successful to some degree, at least, in getting a few to vote for Bush. There truly is something to be said for both “friendly persuasion,” and forcefulness.

And so now perhaps the reader knows why I am so pleased to answer how he or she can help!

It is agreed and understandable that many persons may not be able to stop their employer from garnishing their wages and follow along with the course of action I mentioned previously. Contrarywise, I have had employers who said they would not hire me, were I to cause them to have to make such payments, and garnish my wages (as they are required by law!). For every one of us who is truly unable to defy the System and withhold a sum of money for some period, there are dozens who can, and must.

Perhaps a person could send extra payments amongst the others to make extra work for the agencies? The payments would not have to be large in order to serve our common purpose and show our disobedience? Or simply sign the declaration I speak of showing your favor for our good cause, and leave those other Talents to us whom they’ve been given.

Perhaps we could all influence others (including our most patriotic employers) by becoming familiar with and able to use the words of Rousseau, Paine, Madison, and others? It might be wise to study the Bill of Rights, become more knowledgeable, and thus better prepared to put up a decent fight for us all?

As it is late and I am tired, I will close with this to also consider: “When wickedness proceeds from the wicked, it is often done with both hands, and greedily. Why not may we proceed with our usefulness, even with both hands, and greedily watching for opportunities?” And finally: “Methinks, that the word of the Lord, may be a burden unto us; if we have any Honor in us, it will be so!” (Cotton Mather, “Essays to do Good”)

As we try to influence others, we must not be willing to back down so easily. I am really getting tired to be associated with wimps!

You do NOT agree, I must therefore assume, that the present System is rife with injustice; causes a degradation of society (because its laws are too complicated and are unenforceable); and produces long term grevious and regrettable emotional problems for our children? You do NOT believe the lives of non custodial parents and their families are presently being ruined–and the children made to suffer!–because of undue burdens placed upon them by that Society of caseworkers, social workers, lawyers, judges, and our unrelenting media? I thought these things were common knowledge to the members of our club, but perhaps I am mistaken?

It is true, as you say: humans are the cause and solution to our problems. Do you feel as Kierkegaard, such that: “Twaddle, rubbish, and gossip is what people want, not action…The secret of life is to chatter freely about all one wishes to do and how one is always being prevented–and then do nothing?”

Personally, I am tired of hearing the stories of untold numbers of persons affected by this misguided System. Are we nothing but support groups for victims of the evil Society, or are there ANY of us who are willing to take action? Jefferson puts it nicely, when he ponders: “Timid men…prefer the calm of despotism to the boisterous sea of liberty.” (Jefferson). But not so nicely, Paine says my feelings about inaction more precisely: “The heart that feels not now, is dead: The blood of his children shall curse his cowardice, who shrinks back at a time when a little might have saved the whole, and made THEM happy.” And further: “‘Its the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves of his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.”

Insofar as “anarchy” and civil disobedience have in common a disruption of the status quo, I am indeed calling for radical changes to be accomplished as quickly as possible–and with the most pressing and immediate level of urgency necessary. Voting against the Majority is a fruitless effort. Ask anyone who has been doing it a considerable period about their success, and you will find they’ve had little or none!

I am sorry if my style of writing offends some of you, or you do not like all of my extremist opinions. I am only trying to encite and arouse the readers, and members, so they will join me and make a stand for the right. What I think is “strange” is that no one will join me! How long will you all remain pansies, patsies, pushovers, and wimps?

No, the solution is not simple. I suggest we as a nationwide body begin paying support on our own terms, rather then those of the government. Pay every other month, for example, in an act of defiance until we are heard and the laws are finally changed. If we made our payments ahead of time, or slightly late, it could cause no harm for the children and, at the same time, send a powerful message to the lawmakers. Then, if we had a list of our grievances, and a Committee of the Whole to present them for us, and citizens willing to work with the government to change laws, abolish laws, and create new ones, perhaps then something will be accomplished? Do you suppose there are enough Humans among us for such a solution to have a chance? Perhaps my ideas are strange to many of you? By posting my message(s), I am only seeking to find those of you who are like-minded, and are tired of the cheap talk and false sympathies of these groups who do nothing for our cause.